About MMAA

Muscat Music & Art Academy’s mission is to lay out a groundwork which will provide a well-rounded musical and artistic education for its students. MMAA’s teaching philosophy is built around result based fast progression, which prioritizes being student-friendly and as enjoyable as possible. Our academy also is very concerned with its ability to present a well-structured and organized system that makes sure the progress of the students is perfectly observable and measurable. MMAA gives its students the ability to pursue music and art career at the highest level possible in the best universities and colleges and to enable them to teach others after 6-7 years of training in our institute. We are determined to provide a quality education for anyone who enters through our doors.

Teaching Philosophy

We believe that the essential element to any student’s development is to build a positive relationship between the student and teacher. It is detrimental for the student to love and be genuinely involved with the discipline he/she is practicing. This idea is crucial for the maximum efficiency of the learning process, so we make it our primary goal to cultivate such relationships amongst our staff and students.

Competitions and Concerts

Students must gain real-life experience through competitions and concerts. We will be making sure that our students will be attending and taking part in competitions and concerts all around the world. Being part of such events is a priceless experience for students to form and develop their character and intelligence.


Our vision is to pave the way for the upcoming young generation to enrich themselves and their surroundings. Give our students the chance to express their hidden talents, which can manifest themselves in various unpredictable ways. To be able to lay a firm foundation for discipline and self-actualization for our students.


Dr. Saida Khalilova

Associate Professor

Saida Khalilova is a Ph.D. holding piano teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching kids and adults from various backgrounds and countries. She has students in countries all over the world, such as Canada, UK, US, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, and many more.

   Doctor Saida started her teaching career in 1997 right after receiving her master’s degree from Baku Music Academy where she would end up getting her Ph.D. as well. From 1997 to 2011, Saida worked in Baku Music College and the Baku Music Academy. In 2011 Doctor Saida moved to Oman where she would continue to work in the University of Sultan Qaboos for eight years up until 2019.

   Across her academic Career, Doctor Khalilova has Published several Scientific papers, such as “Scientific methodical and publicist activity of E.M.Aliyeva.” She has attended various pedagogical conferences in several different countries and has published a book named “Role of Elmira Eliyeva in development of the piano” in 2016.

   With over two decades of teaching experience, Doctor Saida raised and developed numerous students throughout her years. Over thousands of hours of teaching, she has been polishing and perfecting her craft and is continuing to do so. Her pedagogical method and philosophy are fundamentally rooted in her firm belief of the necessity to get her students to enjoy and love the journey of learning and progress. Due to this fact, over the years, she has developed a teaching method that prioritizes the fast and efficient growth of her students. She is fully convinced that the key to her success as an educator is much dependent on her ability to make the student fall in love with music and the tangible progress that comes with consistency.